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 Our company was founded, as a need and desire to expand to a wider public creations and artifacts from the beginning were only an exercise in style and ability. The essential characteristic that distinguishes us is clearly represented by specific work done by our technical office which allows us to fit the needs and availability of the customer to a practical realization of the products required.


Our production is geared for maximum flexibility, having to meet the requirements disparate, trying in each case the highest level of quality. The creations range from traditional wood floors, inlaid wood floors, flooring planks and boards, prefinished floors, stairs and ladders coverings, wall coverings simple, insulated and Finally, equipped and furnishings. The variety of products is clearly high, but always pointing to the characteristics of a high-class craft free from the typical problems caused by industrial production.


Our most important works The feature of our production and installation of any service is oriented to maintain a quality level such that the work we have undertaken to ensure end-user satisfaction is equally the case in which the work relates to the provision of material, and if you are having to meet the needs of flooring extremely complex, until you get to also give due importance to individual elements finishing.


In general we can produce all types of flooring from traditional manufacturing matchsticks of different sizes and thicknesses, the boards and tapped the wooden boards massive dimensions. The peculiarities of working with us hand crafted, focuses mainly on two principles: the extreme care during production and careful choice of material work and worked. All this is complemented by a series of elements such as baseboards,trims and moldings obtained exactly the same flooring material.